Scratch building in brass reference material

Some day I want to scratch build a brass locomotive, I think F&M #2 or #3 might be a good first candidate or even 2-6-0 (#15 or #16).

So for now, I’m collecting reference material that will help me learn to work in brass, solder, etc.  I figure I’ll build out of brass because I’m planning to do the mechanism too…

Here are some references I have:

  • Chris McChesney’s book “HOn30 Locomotive Handbook” (out of print) was published by Maine 2-Foot Quarterly Publications.
  • Maine Two Foot Modeler (now M2FQ) had a few articles by Tad ???? on building a forney.  This was even in Sn2.
  • Kenji Toma had a web site, which showed a progression of images of his building SRRR #2, F&M #1, and WW&F #7 in HOn30 as well as B&B #1 in Sn2 (I think the latter won a contest at 1997 National Narrow Gauge Convention)  I printed the website, but it is in Japanese so I can not read it.  Here is a link to Toma Model Works, which seems to be the same site:
  • Scratch building a steam locomotive – A series by Stephen Anderson October 1997 to May 1998 issues of Model Railroader (Available as a single PDF from Kalmbach).  The techniques alone were reprinted in Kalmbach’s Steam Locomotive Project’s and Ideas compiled by John Pryke (available in google books).
  • Gordon Odegard also had a series in MR (probably back in the 1980’s)
  • Metal working – 3 part series by Bob Walker in June, July, and August 2010 RMC.
  • I have a british book too…I think it is on assembling etched brass kits.
  • Rivit Making by Tom Mix (p48):  – Rivits can also be made using archer decals.  Review other scratch building articles on


A search of web sites did not find many hits to my liking….But here are some interesting brass and styrene

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