NMRA MCR Division 7 Open House – April 10th

This past Sunday I presented a clinic on Free-mo to MCR Division 7 of the NMRA and hosted an open house to view my Sn2 Free-mo modules.  Based on the number of nodding heads (there were 2 out of 50), good questions, and number of visitors it seems I did my part to spread the Free-mo vision.

The clinic handout is available here: https://sn2modeler.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/free-mo-clinic-handout-–-presented-to-nmra-mcr-divsion-7-on-april-10-2011/

As mentioned above, the open house was well attended.  I did not count the number of visitors, but I’m guessing 40+.  The majority of faces I saw at the meeting visited my home.  The following are a few images from the open house.

Several NMRA members hanging around the layout, while Larry scrutinizes Jims switching moves in Bigelow

Don Rigling inspects his train as it passes through South Strong Junction (Jim Keith Photo)

Now George is inspecting Jims movements. The pressure of being watched by a railroad man


Jim continues to work Bigelow, while Sam smiles at one of Mikes jokes

Frank, Mike, Paul, Bill, Mike and John are gathered round, but why. Solving world hunger? A discussion about legs... Not those kind of legs, module legs and how they are attached or not attached. One of many good discussions (Jim Keith photo)

This creature was of interest to many. Its a full length train turntable. It will hold two 6 car trains and loco. This enables the modules to be operated point to point (Full length TT to Bigelow)

Another discussion has insued. At this point, I look exhausted. Most everyone else (except Frank) seems interested in what Paul is saying.

These modules would not exist without the help of good friends. Two of my most faithful contributors are Don Rigling and Jim Stewart. Thanks to these guys, they both kept the layout running during the open house, proving that small layout can be fun. I would also like to thank my wife Beth who made sure the rest of the house was plesant, catered the event, greeted folks as they entered. More thanks go to my young son Charlie who made the colorful signs that directed the visitors, and a final applause for my Mom and Dad who assisted in the hosting. It was nice to have such support! Thanks to everyone who came....See-ya next time!

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