Swing Bridge at Layout Entrance – Charlie Comstock’s video by MRH

Someday, I expect my SR&RL railroad will go around the basement, possibly on multiple levels.  So I’ve been considering how to handle the tracks at the entrance.  Two prior layouts have had high (48″ or higher) duckunders to access portions of the railroad, but these duckunders were not immediate to entering the railroad room.  My current RR room is also my computer and office room (and currently the laundry too), so any crossing of the entrance must not be fixed.

On layout tour of the 2010 NNGC in St. Louis I visited an On30 layout with a “gate”.  Since then, I’ve been examining all encounters with gates, as I think that will what I figure to try as the SR&RL expands.

The following youtube video by Charli Comstock and MRH seems like a good implementation of a gate.

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