2012 Spring Spree and Layout Pages

2012 Spring Spree

Yesterday I drove up to Dayton to attend the Spring-Spree.  The Spring-Spree is an S event that is hosted by the S-gauge (hard to believe I wrote that…cough cough) clubs of Ohio.  This years event was hosted by the Miami Valley S-Gaugers.  Next year will be Columbus or Cleveland.

The Spree had two large rooms in an industrial convention location.  One room had flyer/hi-rail display layouts and the other was full of S items for sale.

There was no Sn2, so why was I there…well…to socialize and to look at S-scale stuff.  Yep lots of S-helper, American Models and more.  Some of those in attendence

  • Tom Hawley – Michigan Models
  • Ed Sauers – Representing Altoon Model Works
  • Don Heimberg – Scenery Unlimited
  • River Raisin
  • Ron Sebastian – Des Plaines Hobbies

I enjoyed talking to each of the gentleman above and even giving some of them my money. I found a number of S-scale freight cars and a B&O I-1 caboose kit…OK OK…I have a thing for S-scale too…I hope to try it…Not just at Farmington on the SR&RL but also as a switching layout or something.

Scenery Unlimited has released wood coach and combine kits.  These have potential to be converted into a 1910’s MEC passenger train for Farmington.  More research is required.
I also saw an S-scale girder bridge and abutments that interested me and the River Raisin 0-6-0’s are to die for….In general at the Spring Spree S-scale was alive and healthy.

Besides socializing with the vendors, I met up with Chris Burgmeyer from Northeast Ohio. Chris has interest in Sn2 but is avoiding commitment.  So we walked around looking at everything S and trying to find out how that would work in one of our dreams.  Chris was traveling with two other NOSS (Northern Ohio S-scalers)  who also seem to be non-committal.  All was made well when Mike and John decided that Skyline would be the ideal lunch….Thanks for letting me join you…

Layout Pages

Today I three new pages to the web site, this are available as a drop down.

  • Layouts – Contains an overall review of my past and present Sn2 SR&RL layout situation.
  • Layout #1 – A sub page to layouts, this page provides an overview of my first Sn2 SR&RL
  • Free-mo – A sub page to layouts, this page provides an overview of my free-mo modules

These pages are being added because my recent posts have had little to do with my model railroading.  Instead I’ve been posting about events and such.  Hopefully now when I meet people like John and Mike, they will be able to differentiate my model railroading from track planning, event reports, etc.

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