What did you do this summer?

When I was young, I loved summer, but I also loved returning to school, where the #1 question was “What did you do this summer?”.  Well, it’s been a summer since I last reported on this blog, so it seems like time to report on what I did this summer….

This summer I pushed the modules together, then moved as much stuff as I could under and around them. The stuff was not just my train stuff, but also included the families “stored” stuff from the other side of the basement (we do not have an attic).

We created a new laundry room and storage area on the other side of the basement. Now my wife has a pleasant attractive station to handle wash, ironing, crafts, and storage. It’s a significant upgrade and has it’s own door to keep out the kids.

Here’s the old laundry site, now clear for my future workbench with model railroad passing above. The wall to the left will be removed opening up the space to a full 23×30′. More space than I can fill in the 10-20 years.

So, this summer, I worked on the railroad removing the most significant obstacle to my model railroading dreams.


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