John Rogers On2 SR&RL Videos

John Rogers may have been one of the most controversial, yet successful On2 SR&RL models ever.  He stormed on the scene with radical ideas and ambitions, got a successful operating and mostly sceniced representation of the SR&RL, then exited the scene almost as quickly as he came in.

Some may call him brash, but I found him endearing, generous and passionate.  Through him I got invited to a great OP’s weekend where I got to operate on his On2 SR&RL, Tony Koester’s HO NKP, and Craig Bisgeier’s HO Housatonic Railroad.  It was a TT&TO enthusiasts dream operating weekend.  John and I had met at the 2011 NNGC in Hickory, NC.  At that time John was storming along on his On2 SR&RL.  We had many conversations about the SR&RL, operations, TT&TO, On2, and Sn2.  John was as enthusiastic for me as anyone else.

I do not think I’ve ever posted any photos of the time I operated on his now gone On2 layout.  But I did find these links on youtube.  Take a look:

Farmington Arrival

Bigelow Branch

Bigelow to Carrabasset overview

Strong Maine

Farmington Yard Switch

Train 10 leaving strong for Farmington

Leaving Strong for Farmington

Backing out of Farmington

Backing into Strong

John has since moved on to bigger things.  He is doing 2-foot outside and inside it seems.  He has more youtube vidoes posted for his current adventures, checkout his youtube channel.

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