Dream Layout V2 Concept – More work on grades

I continue to play with my dream Sn2 SR&RL plan as I want to locate Bigelow is a location where I could start building the layout.  By shifting Bigelow under the South end of Strong and moving Carrabasset to the location vacated by Bigelow, I get much better grades.  I’ve worked up a new profile.

SR&RL V2 Preliminary Grades

SR&RL Version2 Preliminary Grades. I have left off some intermediate locations, but the grades in this are a very reasonable 1.5% or less

Some intermediate locations were left out of the grade profile.  But it does indicate that reasonable grades are possible.  To add the intermediate locations, I need to decide how long the intermediate sidings should be.  Some proposals.

  • Strong & Phillips – 12 car trains – 9′ point to point
  • Madrid, Salem, Kingfield – 8 car trains – 7′ point to point
  • Carrabasset, Reeds, Eustis – 6 car trains – 6′ point to point

Refining the grades results in the following profile.  I added flats for Madrid, Salem, and Carrabasset and still the grades do not exceed 1.7%.  Many intermediate switching points (such as Reeds, Hammond Field, Kingfield Pit, and Perham Junction) not on the concept diagram would be on grade and would require brakes for switching on the main.

SR&RL V2 Grades Refined 1

Refined grades with flats added for the intermediate locations of Carrabasset, Salem, Madrid and decreased grade through the International Mill in Phillips.  The grades are still a reasonable 1.7-1.8% max.


Here is the three levels of this double deck + mushroom plan.  Notice that 3 decks exist where Bigelow is on the lowest deck, Strong is the middle deck and Eustis is mushroomed above.

SR&RL V2 Concept Level 1

SR&RL V2 concept level 1 – F&M Bigelow to Strong

SR&RL V2 Concept Level 2

SR&RL V2 concept level 2 – SRRR Strong and down to Farmington

SR&RL V2 Concept Level 3

SR&RL V2 concept level 3 – PRRR Strong to Phillips and on to Rangeley and Marbles

This V2 concept of the double deck + mushroom design solves the most problematic grades from the earlier design by moving Bigelow.  The only negative consequence is that operators will not be able to duck under Strong when they arrive off the F&M form Kingfield.  But I feel that is a minor negative and can be managed by automating a few of the turnouts and having operators walk around the peninsula.  The change gains room for the sawmill at Bigelow and log loading between spurs can be added along the F&M on either side of Carrabasset.

This is the concept I’m going to move forward on.

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