Solo Sn2 Free-mo Setups

I’m hoping to display some of my Sn2 Free-mo modules at the 2019 NASG convention.  It would be nice to use the same “U” shape I’ve used at the Midwest Show, but that may not workout.  So I’m putting together a number of setups for the event coordinators to consider and thought it would be fun to share with all of my followers.

Free-mo modules have an advantage, they can be operated from both sides, so can be flipped around.  Most of the setups presented here use all of my modules.  I can remove some of the modules to make a smaller setup.  However, to be clear some of these modules are two sections with unique track locations and scenery across the joints.  A setup must use both sections or neither section in such cases.

I like to operate the setup, so prefer to include Bigelow (complicated module) with it’s turntable (turntable is not visible in diagram) and the full train length turntable module.  This let’s me run point to point with Bigelow being operated as a terminal section.

One last note, is that I have a 9″ long clamp on track for the end of Bigelow, so that locomotives can complete runaround moves.  For this reason, some of the dimensions quoted below may be slightly larger than they appear.


Here is the 10×20′ setup used at the Midwest Show. This is easy on my as I can sit in the middle while viewers go around the outside. Viewers can come inside too for photos or even to run a train if  interested. For that matter, I some times operate from the outside just to enjoy a different point of view.


17×25′ “L” shaped setup using all of the modules.


This 17×21′ setup does not does not include Mapplewood flag stop.


This 15×16′ “L” Shape is does not include the scenic Salmon Hole bridge module. It could be reduced to 15×12′ by removing the Mapplewood module.


Here is a 14×25′ “L” shape. It could be pushed all the way into a corner and against the walls. As free-mo, I can operate it from inside the “L” or outside. The reverse curve is provides the opportunity to see trains run through a reverse curve.  I could sit on a stool in the curves and work trains along the line.


This is the same setup as above, but slightly angled, adding interest into the overall space (I must confess the angle might be a too much, as the full train length turntable requires the center of the TT to be 2.5′ from a wall.


This 5×34′ linear setup provides for two S-curves. As I’ve drawing this, the setup implies that the viewers would be at top, so that they can walk into the curve. Another option is for them to stand at the bottom. In such case, layout would only be 2-3 feet wide with exception of the bulge for the curves.

These are just some of the setups that I can make with my modules.  Many more combinations can be created by removing  modules or changing what modules are next to each other.

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