Headed to 2019 NASG Convention…A plan

The Sn2 SR&RL modules got accepted to display at the 2019 NASG convention.  Working with the display room coordinator they accepted a “L” or “J” style layout configuration for the modules.  All of the modules are included in the setup along with the full train turntable.   Below is the plan chosen.


Here is a 14×25′ “L” shape. It could be pushed all the way into a corner and against the walls. As free-mo, I can operate it from inside the “L” or outside. I can setup a stool in the curves and work trains along the line.

The modules are 100% scenic’d, and I have ample rolling stock.  But Bigelow lacks final structures.  Hopefully this event will be motivation to make progress on my structures and detailed scenery.

I look forward to sharing my Sn2 modules with a new crowd of visitors and to meet my S-scale acquaintances that I only know of from Facebook and Groups.io.

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