Planning Carrabasset

This is a continuous post about planning Carrabasset.  As of Jan 2020 I’m not where near ready to model Carrabasset, so I’m just collecting me information here.


  •  Bob Hayden – The Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Carrabasset Depot – p48 May/June 2014 NG&SLG
    • Historical information, photos, and plans by JR Dunlop
    •  p48 photo shows a box car behind the depot but not adjacent (there is a tree between).  Was this used as a team track?
    •  p52 top photo, looks north and a car can be seen spotted well north on a spur or siding.  Seems to be a pulpwood car.  Single track passed the depot.  Was the depot moved north to the location of that spur?


  • PLW – Carrabasset Depot
    • The depot was produced in both early (Covered Depot and Late versions)

Historic Notes

  •  Hayden – In SR&RL days, Carrabasset only had one “t”
  •  The depot was on the railroad west side of the tracks and the south face has the covered entrance removed and replaced with windows.  The freight was later connected to the north side of the depot.
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