2nd Sn2 SR&RL Layout – Tour

The second SR&RL Layout was short lived.  The first layout came down when I got married and moved in with my wife.  The second layout was started after we purchased our first home together.  This layout was only up long enough to have an NMRA division layout tour.  Then I started working on the 3rd version.  Only a few photos of the 2nd version exist along with a poor trackplan.

This plan reused Strong and Phillips sections from the 1st SR&RL. I got the outside continuous loop running. (sorry for the poor image)

The night before the NMRA Division visit I got the outside continuous loop running.  The tight fit of the inside loop and the fact that Phillips was reversed from Strong doomed this plan.  Looking back some 18 years later, I wish I’d rebuilt the first SR&RL again in the new home.  The reason being is that I could have spend time building structures and rolling stock to take to the next home.  Now these many years later I have little to add and nothing I’ve built on my own.  So there is good reason to keep it small.

The T&T Forney’s did not yet exist. Here is the Backwood Minitures 0-4-0 pulling a train on the approach to Salmon Hole Bridge

The Dickey bridge is the scenery in the background. The scenery was enhanced from the first SR&RL. The foam was put in place to complete the continuous run back into Strong.

The Phillips Covered Bridge Mockup.

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