Layout Construction – Begins with 16 Feet of Mushroom

Last post, I described the design of the mushroom.  With the design complete, Chris and Phil pushed me to keep moving forward.  Chris came down on Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving) and both game on Saturday after Thanksgiving (for 8 hours).  I really appreciate their efforts and more so that our wives and spouses let us spend so much time.

In the end, we completed 16 feet of Mushroom Skeleton.  Chris and I got the leg installed on Wednesday and an L girder to fit.  Wednesday we completed lower level L girder install, then build and installed the upper 16′ panel (notched to go under heating portion of ceiling) and lower panel (notched for rear window into Strong).

Take a look at the photos to see what we did.

View from the entrance to the railroad room. The top plywood support the upper deck. Eustis will be behind. The self brackets will support south end of Strong on middle deck. Bigelow modules will sit to right of pole on bottom (36″ track height). The leg set is attached to the left side of the pole. At present it goes up high enough to support Strong too (can be cut off if I do not feel it is required).  Temporary stiffening boards are on top deck until plywood is permanently installed under upper deck.

Looking toward the wall where the mushroom is anchored, The middle deck will be Strong, front and center on the layout. Strong is a junction. Trains will along the mushroom from Farmington, enter Strong, then curve off to the left along the wall to Phillips. Trains from Kingfield will enter Strong along the wall, pointed to Phillips, and back into the depot. The 6 foot window into the back of Strong allows F&M line operators to navigate their trains to the depot, before walking around the peninsula to work Strong.  Trains from Bigelow headed south to Kingfield and Strong will head from Bigelow past the pole and head to the left along the wall on the lower deck.  Both lower and middle decks will be wider than the skeleton benchwork when complete.

The backside (inside) of the mushroom. This is the window into Strong. Trains from Kingfield will enter Strong going right to left. On the upper deck (inside the mushroom) will be Eustis Junction. Trains from Rangeley will be going right to left on the deck.

Here is the section view of the build. Compare it to the design in the previous post. Bigelow will sit on the bottom before the pole. The bottom of the upper deck is clamped into position. I need to cut a new board before finalizing.

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