Farmington on the Floor

I’m not one that pursues a precise trackplan. Instead I pursue a benchwork/deck footprint and then try to confirm that most of what I want will fit. The final track locations get laid out on the finished benchwork/foam.

The week before starting the layout I wanted to know that the space I’d allocated for Farmington would fit lower, middle and upper Farmington yard. To figure that out, put tape on the floor to mark off critical limits of benchwork, then followed with key track elements to representing the prototype track locations.

Farmington laid out on the floor. The upper yard would be closest to the camera. The MEC Freight depot is the white poster board in the distance. It is far end of Farmington and will but up against he backdrop at the end of Farmington. The aisle on the left wraps around the end of Farmington to get into the aisle of the mushroom along the back of Farmington.

I’m not going to go into the details of the track. Those who know Farmington can probably make out the SR&RL track and the MEC track and correlate them to the prototype. The MEC track is actual S-scale track with #5 turnouts (which I think would be OK), and the SR&RL track is mocked up with a combination of HOn3 and N-scale track. The scene is about 19 feet long.

I’ve left the tape on the ground to help me to locate the benchwork as I move forward with the construction.

In conclusion, the floor is a good place to test trackplans.

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5 Responses to Farmington on the Floor

  1. William Uffelman says:

    40 years ago planning on the floor was not an issue Now at 73, .two hip replacements and back surgeries require that the planning be conducted at table top or higher level!

    Carry on!

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  4. Richard Young says:

    Nice Sn2 Modeling.

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