40 Feet of backdrop

Having proved that I could build mushroom benchwork, I’ve changed directions. Rather than continue to build the mushroom into the middle of the room, I decided to start working the perimeter of the room while I can still move materials around.  I’m starting on the upper deck and continuing around to Strong, where the peninsula meets the wall.  I plan to put in the grade (1.7%) and retest train and running.

Before I could put in foam or roadbed, I had to 1) pass the electrical box and 2) hang the backdrop.  For the electrical box, to angle the layout away from the wall, so that I can stand up behind the backdrop and access the electrical box.  For the backdrop I reused the styrene backdrop from my old layout.  The styrene had to be reduced from 36″ to 22″ height.  Phil came over and helped me complete that.  Tonight my wife and son helped me screw it up.

Following are a few photos of the progress.

Phil is working to cut the score and snap the styrene. We have have completed the longest single score and snap. The styrene is .060″ and 8 feet long. We had to cut through the joints that had a second sheet of styrene backing and green squadron putty. Took many passes to get through. I appreciate Phil coming over, his presence and efforts pushed me through to make progress.

To get passed the electrical box and over the laser cutter, I angled the layout through the corner. To do that, I put up 2×4″s horizontally and then applied a pieces of 3/4″ plywood vertically to which the backdrop was hung. The layout will only be 8-12″ wide in this area. The lower deck will be of similar width, removable, and suspended from the two plywood sections hanging down. I’ll remove it to work on the electrical or to run the laser.  Left of the backdrop you can see a 1×3″ top and 1×2″ bottom.  The backdrop is screwed directly to the horizontal 1 by’s.  Where ever there are studs, I’ve put up 1 by’s (mostly 1×3″).

Looking the other way, here is the rest of the backdrop. While the layout is a no-lix around the walls, I was able to keep the backdrop level as the Barnjam branch will be running down the wall ending at the far end of the backdrop. The styrene backdrop easily wraps around a water pipe (vent stack) and concrete column. There is no support for the backdrop on the column, it is suspended from the walls on each side of the column.

It’s was very pleasing to see the blue backdrop go up…Next step here is to put in the supports.  The mainline will be a constant 1.7% grade downward.


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4 Responses to 40 Feet of backdrop

  1. William Uffelman says:

    Great progress!

  2. grctom says:

    Wow!……and I thought I was a fast worker………looking forward to your continued progress…..

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