2020 Wrapup

2020 has ended with lots of action here on the web site.  For 10 or so years, I’d been wandering in the hobby.  No rudder.  I would dream of S, Sn3, and Sn2…Even HO and more.  These wanderings resulted in more dreaming and failed to deliver on a model railroad.  Over that time, I did help others with their layouts and operations.  Built my own back yard ride on railroad  with my Father.  Additionally I’m engaged with local modelers on an HO Free-mo style layout.  Don’t forget I was the father of a young boy and have a career managing a team of software developers.  So I have plenty of valid reasons for not having a layout.  But the wanderings let to lots of facebook and youtube time rather than modeling.

In October I put the excuses aside.  I got focused on the Sn2 SR&RL.  To invigorate my 2-foot enthusiasm, I spent a week watching 2-foot videos (rather than modern Diesels or how to videos).  Specifically, I watched videos of the 2020 WW&F  Grand Reunion.  These videos really got my juices flowing.  There it was SR&RL #6 pulling trains in HD with full sound and color!  That video directly translated to my SR&RL…Or maybe it was this Day Zero video…who cares what video it was.  There are many great videos of the Grand Reunion.  Just search, watch and then watch again….Then listen to them while you work or do email or blog (as I’m doing now)…These videos get the juices flowing.  I’m going to the next Grand Reunion if I can!

Another change I made was to start interacting directly with other like minded modelers.  I’ve been reaching out and making the connections.  This has led to good discussions, inspiration and comradery that one does not get from youtube, blogs or even groups.io.  Add these to a weekly modeler’s zoom with the local HAVOC group and I have the fuel that has propelled the end of this year!  If you do not have connections reach out to people, not just like modelers but any modelers.  Give and Take!  It’s kind of like dating without emotional stresses!

Lastly, life has changed.  My son is now 16.  He needs me less and less.  Better to put my efforts into me, my health, my hobbies, my career than watch over him.  COVID-19 has not been brought me down.  I’m sorry to those of you it has been a challenge!  I’m blessed that work continues nearly as before, except I work from home.  Working from home has given me more time at home to work on myself rather than an hour each day in the car.  I hope my work has changed for the future.  I do miss seeing my parents and going into their home.  At age 86, they are playing it safe.  I’ve missed going to train shows and op-sessions.  I’m now doing monthly operating session on a layout in Canada.  Yes, I fire up my Proto-Throttle and run modern Diesels while the layout owner conducts and works as the brakeman.  These remote ops are cool and I might look to make some parts of my layout “remote-able”.

As you’ve noticed, serious efforts went into the layout as 2020 came to an end.  Here are a few of the posts for those that are new to this blog:

I’ve had fun reminiscing through photos of my old layouts.  They are nestogic to me and motivating to get that feel back.  The layouts were joyful…Working on the layout, running them, just seeming what I built and reflecting.  I’ve missed such feelings and I’m highly motivated to get that back.

I’ve found more photos of Layout #3.  Many from the operating session hosted for the 2005 NMRA National Convention.  Look for a future post.

Finally, I’ve made posts about the layouts of my two-foot modeling friends

If you’ve read this far, thanks!  I appreciate all of you even if there are only a few.  I’ve added a link in the right so that you can subscribe by email.

In 2021, I look forward to a great year of model railroading and friendship.  I’ll report on it here.  I expect you’ll read about:

  • Completed backdrops
  • Roadbed installations and then trackwork (30-50% of layout)
  • Limited operations on a few locations
  • Grades, track tuning, and equipment tuning
  • Turnouts and other track considerations
  • Completed mushroom benchwork and more construction
  • LED lighting installations
  • Prototype, track layout, and scene design choices
  • A more detailed track plan as it comes to life
  • Drop downs, lift ups, and lift outs.
  • Setting up Sn2 Free-mo with others and other model train road trips!

I’m sure there will be more I write about and hopefully not less!  Thanks for joining me in 2020 and I look forward to bring more to you in 2021!

Thanks to all my model railroad friends!  Thanks to my family!





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