SR&RL Size Perspective

Denis, a local friend who does narrow gauge live steam and dabbles in On30, has started following my blog. He has a keen interest for the two-footers so my version of the SR&RL intrigues him.

Last week he send me the map below that has the SR&RL overlaid on a map of South West Ohio. He put Farmington at the mouth of the Little Miami River as it flows into the Ohio River, so that the SR&RL reaches north toward Dayton and Columbus. This placement parallels the real Little Miami Railroad that later become the PRR’s access to Cincinnati. Denis pointed out that Strong would be at Milford OH. Today it’s a 10 mile bike ride through several communities to get from the mouth of the Little Miami to Milford just beyond the I-275 loop…. Phillips would be near Kings Island Amusement Park and Rangeley would be nearer to Dayton. I’d get to Dayton by highway and it would take 45 minutes at 60+ miles an hour!

To think that SR&RL’s little 2-foot train ran that far is bizarre or comical or mighty.

SR&RL in Red overlaid on a map of Southwest Ohio

A friend of mine models the B&O from Cincinnati to Chillicothe in N-scale. His layout represents 91 miles division. If we made the SR&RL linear, it would reach nearly to Chillicothe. He’s modeling in N-scale and I’m model in S-scale….We both have nolix designs, but I’m compressing and omitting locations much more then he.

Denis also provided a full Ohio overlay. It is not as impressive as the SW Ohio version above.

SR&RL Overlaid on Ohio map

Denis, thanks for the perspective….The maps clearly show that the SR&RL was large. Makes me proud of the railroad that I’m modeling!

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4 Responses to SR&RL Size Perspective

  1. Keith V says:

    That is really interesting perspective! I think of the whole 2′ empire as tiny, but it’s longer than I thought.
    I will keep it in mind on the next ride to Milford. 🙂

  2. Tom Hoermann says:

    Wow! That IS a thought-provoking concept! I’ll have to do that SR&RL overlay for the SE MI and Toledo areas….and maybe also overlays for the WW&F and B&SR as well.

  3. Nicolas says:

    Great read thankyyou

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