Track plan completed

Till now, I’ve been working with concept diagrams of the layout. The concepts were good to work out grades and get an idea of what would fit into the room. However, they were not sufficient to describe the railroad to others.

For the past month I’ve focused on finalizing the plan so that I could share it on a zoom call and to make it a better aid in building the layout.

This post is to announce that it’s available on a track plan page: Track plan | Sn2 Modeler

I decided to make a page so that visitors would find it easier to find the track plan.

Take a look and ask questions. The plan is not 100% complete. Mostly on the F&M/K&DR between Kingfield and Bigelow. Additionally, I’ve not added scenic details, bridges, structures. Maybe in the heat of summer I’ll take that on. But in the near term, back to building.

I’m going to be focusing the next 1-2 years on the P&R segment. More in future posts.

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3 Responses to Track plan completed

  1. William Uffelman says:

    Wow! Quite a plan and project. Looking forward to updates.

  2. Dave,
    Having a blast reading your website.

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