On2 Al….Comes for a visit

This past weekend, Al Churella was in town, and stopped by for a few hours. I’d hoped to share great progress on the Sn2 SR&RL. But alas not enough time in life. Instead I put my efforts into the Woodlark Central for outdoor railroading fun….

Al did take a look at the Sn2 SR&RL, and approve what I’m doing. He was impressed that I’d wound the so much of the SR&RL into such a modest space. Prior to his arrival, I did arrange the room (cleaned out the excess…most excessive…stuff) so that he could get a feel of the room…

I did not get any photos of Al in the basement. But here is a shot of him at running a train on the Woodlark Central. Click on the photo or this link to see the 2021 Cicada Run. Video included.

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