HAVOC in Indy

Between March and May, I’ve not been doing anything Sn2. Instead, I’ve was working on HAVOC. HAVOC is an HO scale free-mo based setup that is designed for TT&TO operations. In May we setup HAVOC at Indy Junction the NMRA try-regional convention.

See my post on the HAVOC website to see videos of the setup, operations, trains, etc…

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2 Responses to HAVOC in Indy

  1. Very interesting. That looks like a fun layout to operate.

    • narrowtracks says:

      Hey James….Thanks for taking the time to review the HAVOC videos. Yes, it is fun. We are not over the top about the operations. The goal is TT&TO training. We handed throttles to people who had never operated model trains before. Had a few young men jump out their shows at the opportunity to run/operate a BLI PRR H10.

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