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HAVOC in Indy

Between March and May, I’ve not been doing anything Sn2. Instead, I’ve was working on HAVOC. HAVOC is an HO scale free-mo based setup that is designed for TT&TO operations. In May we setup HAVOC at Indy Junction the NMRA … Continue reading

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Bigelow Engine House Core Roof Cut

Last night I laser cut the roof sections and supports. Then did a test fit.

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Bigelow Engine House CAD

I thought some of you might like to see the 3D CAD images.

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B&SR Tank Cars and Tank Farm

PLW is preparing to produce B&SR tank cars and Standard Oil of New York (SOCONY) tank farm in Sn2 and OnX. They look cool, so I may freelance by adding tank farm in Rangeley and possibly Kingfield to get extra … Continue reading

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My laser setup

Im not going to go into detail about my laser cutting setup and details. I’m a beginner. Laser: K40, I don’t know the board in it. I got it of eBay for less than $500 US. Water Cooling: still using … Continue reading

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Bigelow Engine House Core – Laser Cutting a 3D Puzzle

For the past two months I’ve been using SOLIDWORKS to design the core I of the Bigelow engine house. Today I started cutting out the puzzle pieces on the laser cutter. While I have SOLIDWORKS at work and manage a … Continue reading

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Bigelow Engine House – References and Modeling Ideas

I’m making a push to move forward on completing my Bigelow Module. One of the most significant gaps in the module is the Bigelow Engine House. This post may get updates. The Engine house was built in early 1900’s, was … Continue reading

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Honored! My work is in a museum

When I was 14, I joined the Eastern Loggers, a group that developed a layout based on a series of books on railroad logging in Pennsylvania. That layout has now gone to a museum and will soon be on display. … Continue reading

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Update – Tom Sullivan’s On30 SR&RL

Tom Sullivan continues to make great progress on his On30 SR&RL and I have some photos to share. But before you check out the photos, I’d like to complement Tom. Understanding my points will help you understand how Tom has … Continue reading

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Out with 2021, on to 2022!

2021 started out strong. I had started the mushroom at the end of 2020, then started the Backdrop, Reeds homasote spline roadbed, and finally formally completed the whole trackplan. But then momentum was lost (like the Skipper, Gilligan, Professor, and … Continue reading

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