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2015 Sn3 Symposium – Roger Nulton’s S-scale Monon

The Sn3 Symposium hosted operating sessions.  Each participant had the opportunity to sign up and operate on one layout.  This is a great opportunity and a hard choice for us guests.  I was torn between operating on Dale Kruetzer’s Sn3 … Continue reading

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2015 Sn3 Symposium – Dale Kruetzer

This year the Sn3 Symposium was in Seattle, home of many great layouts….I love seeing and operating great layouts so I just had to go.  Additionally, I gave a clinic, Introduction to TT&TO operations.  Here is the first post about … Continue reading

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“U” that’s the plan

As I mention in “Friends and a Goal” I’ve reunited with several in-active Eastern Loggers to work on layouts and to have a setup at the October NMRA Division Show.  For 2015, we plan to take my Sn2 Free-mo modules. … Continue reading

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What shape? or “And then there were 9”

What should the setup be for the NMRA show in October?  My de-facto is point to train-length turn-table.  But that would that be acceptable for 2 full days of running for the public?  Would the crew get tired of turning … Continue reading

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Friends, and a goal!

This past October I attended the NMRA division show and meet up with two other in-active Eastern Loggers (see my blog post: or Great Model Railroads 1997).  While walking around the show, I challenged them…”Let’s show something next year!” … Continue reading

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Thinning the herd!

I love reading and collect model railroad magazines.  Its hard for me to pass one up.  I’ve tried to kick the habit but I can’t do it.  So what is the problem you say? I’m out of space.  Something has … Continue reading

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Some interruptions are all-right

I’ve been struggling to make progress on my preparations for the NMRA National Convention.  But when my son and his buddy Clarke expressed interest in the trains I made every effort to give them an enjoyable experience. I think they … Continue reading

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Sn2 coupler gauge

Here is my coupler gauge, built from a stack of styrene.  The tongue sticking out to the right can be used to gauge the height of the mount.  The tongue is the proper 18″ height for the body and should … Continue reading

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Committed…the modules stand…

Sometimes it takes a major commitment to make progress.  The fear of letting others down  causes us to get it done! So what did I get done?  Sufficient progress on the railroad room to allow me to set up the … Continue reading

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Historic List of Plans

Looking for a plans of a Maine 2-Footer? The Maine On2 FAQ has posted a historical listing for each of the railroads.  Follow the links to find the plans you want! SR&RL Billerica and Bedford (B&B) Sandy River (SRRR) Franklin … Continue reading

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