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HAVOC in Indy

Between March and May, I’ve not been doing anything Sn2. Instead, I’ve was working on HAVOC. HAVOC is an HO scale free-mo based setup that is designed for TT&TO operations. In May we setup HAVOC at Indy Junction the NMRA … Continue reading

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B&SR Tank Cars and Tank Farm

PLW is preparing to produce B&SR tank cars and Standard Oil of New York (SOCONY) tank farm in Sn2 and OnX. They look cool, so I may freelance by adding tank farm in Rangeley and possibly Kingfield to get extra … Continue reading

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Out with 2021, on to 2022!

2021 started out strong. I had started the mushroom at the end of 2020, then started the Backdrop, Reeds homasote spline roadbed, and finally formally completed the whole trackplan. But then momentum was lost (like the Skipper, Gilligan, Professor, and … Continue reading

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The Esssence – Doug Tasgold’s C&S

For years, I’ve studied the SR&RL, and dreamed an exacting representation. But as life continues, and I lack a layout, one has to wonder how exact one needs. My introduction to the Maine 2-Footers came from HOn30 C&DR of Bob … Continue reading

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On2 Al….Comes for a visit

This past weekend, Al Churella was in town, and stopped by for a few hours. I’d hoped to share great progress on the Sn2 SR&RL. But alas not enough time in life. Instead I put my efforts into the Woodlark … Continue reading

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SR&RL Size Perspective

Denis, a local friend who does narrow gauge live steam and dabbles in On30, has started following my blog. He has a keen interest for the two-footers so my version of the SR&RL intrigues him. Last week he send me … Continue reading

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Starting homasote spline roadbed (rather than foam board)

Last week I started putting in the “brackets” and roadbed under the new roadbed.  This supports from Madrid to Perham Junction and back up the Barnjam branch.  I will not go into the details of the design.  That is for … Continue reading

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2020 Wrapup

2020 has ended with lots of action here on the web site.  For 10 or so years, I’d been wandering in the hobby.  No rudder.  I would dream of S, Sn3, and Sn2…Even HO and more.  These wanderings resulted in … Continue reading

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Sn2 at the 2019 Midwest Show

The 2019 Midwest Show was another enjoyable event.  I enjoyed my time with my two foot modeling friends, local train buddies, mini-bunch friends and sharing the layout with the public.  Thanks to Gary Kohler, PLW and the Mini-Bunch for hosting the event! … Continue reading

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Always inspiring – Rensselaer Model Railroad Society

In my youth and college days I was always inspired when I saw an article by one of the Rensselaer Model Railroad Club.  No, they do not model the SR&RL, Maine 2-Foot, not even narrow gauge.  But they were a … Continue reading

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