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Locations along the SR&RL railroad

Bigelow Engine House Core Roof Cut

Last night I laser cut the roof sections and supports. Then did a test fit.

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Bigelow Engine House CAD

I thought some of you might like to see the 3D CAD images.

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Bigelow Engine House Core – Laser Cutting a 3D Puzzle

For the past two months I’ve been using SOLIDWORKS to design the core I of the Bigelow engine house. Today I started cutting out the puzzle pieces on the laser cutter. While I have SOLIDWORKS at work and manage a … Continue reading

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Bigelow Engine House – References and Modeling Ideas

I’m making a push to move forward on completing my Bigelow Module. One of the most significant gaps in the module is the Bigelow Engine House. This post may get updates. The Engine house was built in early 1900’s, was … Continue reading

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Farmington Planning – Part 1

I’m making a push to formalize the track plan sufficiently to explain it to others. Farmington became the starting point. I had worked out Farmington on the floor and now transferring those thoughts into the 2D plan. Here are the … Continue reading

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Progress – Locking in the roadbed and Spline for first turnout

At the end of February, I worked to locate the first turnout. The first one is the turnout at south end of Reeds to the Reeds Mill(s). This is south of the Reeds depot, and is the turnout before crossing … Continue reading

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Phillips planning

I started putting up backdrop last week with the goal to complete the upper level backdrop around the room by the end of this weekend.   Before the backdrop can go up, I needed locate a few key elements which required … Continue reading

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Tom Sullivan’s On30 SR&RL Upper Deck – K&DR Again

A few of us have been helping Tom Sullivan refine his On30 SR&RL. He has responded by taking in the critiques and making the adjustments to make his version of the SR&RL look more and more like the photos in … Continue reading

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Farmington on the Floor

I’m not one that pursues a precise trackplan. Instead I pursue a benchwork/deck footprint and then try to confirm that most of what I want will fit. The final track locations get laid out on the finished benchwork/foam. The week … Continue reading

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S-scale boxcars for Farmington: What MEC Numbers

PLW has announced S-scale double sheathed box cars (O-scale too).  The MEC and NYC versions will have printed sides.  Gary indicates he will produce them with any car number you request.  So what numbers to get? Honestly, I have no … Continue reading

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