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Setting the grade

In a an earlier post, I tested how many cars an Sn2 Forney could pull.  Click here to see post and watch video.  In that post I showed how many cars an Sn2 Forney could pull on level track and … Continue reading

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Sn2 coupler gauge

Here is my coupler gauge, built from a stack of styrene.  The tongue sticking out to the right can be used to gauge the height of the mount.  The tongue is the proper 18″ height for the body and should … Continue reading

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NMRA – MCR Division 7 – Clinic Notes: Introduction to Time-Table and Train Orders

On Sunday June 10, 2012 I’m presenting “Introduction to Time-Table and Train Order” clinic.  Also known as “TT&TO 201” I presented the following during the clinic.  The greatest benefit of this page is the links to on-line references and the 11 … Continue reading

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Introduction to Time-Table and Train Orders (TT&TO) – Clinic (Hickory, NC 2011)

Sorry for the delay in posting notes for my clinic.  In giving the clinic I too learn, so I wanted to make a few updates before posting.  Thanks to all who attended and contributed to my clinic you participation made … Continue reading

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How many cars can an Sn2 Forney Pull?

I have dreams of building a large Sn2 SR&RL layout that contains 6-10 locations along the line in a manner to support Time-Table and Train Order (TT&TO) operations. For a long time, I’ve considered that the Forney’s would relegate my layout designs … Continue reading

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