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HAVOC in Indy

Between March and May, I’ve not been doing anything Sn2. Instead, I’ve was working on HAVOC. HAVOC is an HO scale free-mo based setup that is designed for TT&TO operations. In May we setup HAVOC at Indy Junction the NMRA … Continue reading

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John Rogers On2 SR&RL Videos

John Rogers may have been one of the most controversial, yet successful On2 SR&RL models ever.  He stormed on the scene with radical ideas and ambitions, got a successful operating and mostly sceniced representation of the SR&RL, then exited the … Continue reading

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How many cars can an Sn2 Forney Pull?

I have dreams of building a large Sn2 SR&RL layout that contains 6-10 locations along the line in a manner to support Time-Table and Train Order (TT&TO) operations. For a long time, I’ve considered that the Forney’s would relegate my layout designs … Continue reading

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Video of Sn2 Modules – February 2011

Here is a video of my Sn2 Free-mo modules setup in my basement. The video provides a verbal description of what is seen. Since this video was shot, I’ve added new lighting to the room, re-arranged the layout to take … Continue reading

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