Track plan

The current SR&RL’s track plan is based is a two deck nolix with mushroom. I think of the railroad in segments which are the 3 original railroads that merged in forming the SR&RL. The Sandy River (SR) segment is from Farmington to Phillips. The Franklin and Megantic (F&M) segment is Strong to Bigelow. The Phillips and Rangeley (P&R) segment is from Phillips to Rangeley. The main peninsula is three levels. The lowest two levels (F&M and SR) face outward and the top level (P&R) is “mushroomed” and faces inward. At 68″, platforms will be provided for better viewing of P&R deck.

The room is roughly 22×31′ with a entrance in the middle of one of the long sides. The underside of the stairs are next to the entrance and impact the shape of the room. There are two support posts in the middle of the room and these get integrated into the benchwork of the peninsula of the layout. Opposite of the entrance is a double utility sink. Facing the sink one sees a long modeling bench (32″ high) to the left and a short counter to the right. There is a breaker box on the short wall at the end of the modeling bench. An angled backdrop keeps the railroad away from the breaker box.

The room. The entrance and stairs are at the top. The double sink is at the bottom. The support posts are the pink circles in the middle of the room.
The Sandy River segment/deck from Farmington to Strong to Philips. Also show is the start of the Franklin and Megantic from Strong to Starbirds
For completeness, here is Farmington with the Standard Gauge Maine Central (MEC) track too.
The F&M deck picks up from Strong/Starbirds to Salem, Kingfield and onward to Bigelow. This deck is going downward from Strong to Bigelow, and going under Phillips near Kingfield.
The Phillips and Rangeley segment/deck goes upward from Phillips to Eustis above the F&M segments and then goes level on to Rangeley and Marbles. The P&R deck is level from Eustis to Marbles. The Madrid branch is represented by the diverting track from Madrid. The branch is a shadow type box that is mushroomed above Kingfield. It faces into the small corner aisle opposite the way Kingfield faces.
The Barnjam branch is not a deck, but track that branches off the P&R at Perham Jct. The branch will go behnid trees and reappear before going around the pilaster and going into Barnjam. The P&R goes under Barnjam a sawmill location in the woods.