Layout #1 – Protable Sn2 SR&RL

My first Sn2 SR&RL layout was built in my home (pre-marriage).  The space was roughly 9×23′ (widened to 12′ at one end).   The layout was designed to be portable so that I could take it to shows (specifically the Midwest NG Show – originally called the Ohio 2-Foot Meet).  I wanted to promote Sn2 so entice others to Sn2 and attract manufacturers make Sn2 products.


  • 9×23′ (widens to 12′ at Farmington)
  • Min Radius = 26″  (On F&M out of Strong) & 28″ (approach to Phillips)
  • Most Radius = 30″ or more (Both Phillips and Strong had 33″ on the mains)

Trackplan for SR&RL layout #1

  • Observe the section demarkations on the trackplan
  • The scenes are in proper order and orientation
  • Farminton (never built):  Farmington is design to be highly compressed representation.  It has some elements from the prototype but would not operate like the prototype.  More of a stagging yard with standard gauge tracks so that visitors could compare 2-foot trains to standard gauge trains.  Farmington was never built.
  • Baker Stream Bridge:  Between Framington and Strong is a section for the Baker Stream convered bridge.  The bridge is a icon of the SR&RL with it’s wide open approaches.  This section was never built.
  • Strong:  Strong is the focal point of the layout and the trackplan captures supports operating trains to/from all three directions.   Strong was designed to be 3 sections, turntable and junction sections were built with operating track and turntable (truntable was built in Layout #3).  The sections never got scenery and only got mockup structures.  Strong contained the major tracks, spurs, and industries so could operate quite completely.
  • Duckunder:  The duckunder started as a swing bridge, but the swing was never built.  The duckunder was a 56″ clearance and over 3′ wide so navigating underneath was easy.
  • Dickey Underpass:  Located about 1/2 way between Strong and Phillips this bridge over Dickey Rd. captured my heart and had to be included.  The best photos appear in the reprint of Moody’s famous “The Maine Two-Footers”
  • Salmon Hole Bridge:  At 2′ long this bridge over the Sandy River marked entrance to Phillips.
  • Phillips Yard:  When I designed the layout I wanted a staging yard to represent both lines north of Strong (Phillips and Kingfield).  As I doodled plans, it became appearent that the yard looked a lot like the the Phillips Yard.  So I designed a sceniced yard based on the Phillips Yard. The engine house and shops are compressed.  The engine house represents the 5 stall brick version before expansion in 1908.  Significant parts of Phillips are not included, but were not need to support the planned operations.
  • Phillips Covered Bridge:  Another benchmark element of the SR&RL, the Covered Arch bridge (actuuly two segments with center pier) is compressed to 30″ long (full length would have been 36″).  Trains departing north out of phillips we’re to go through the bridge and magically become F&M trains entering Strong from Kingfield.


  • The trackplan worked great for the space
  • The duckunder was not a problem:  It was high, wide, and not at the door.  I could run trains without going under the duckunder


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