Maine On2 FAQ

Terry Smith and a few others have re-created a new and better Maine On2 FAQ.  The FAQ was published by Bill Kerr from 2000 till 2012.  In 2013 Terry Smith and others with the support of Bill brought the content back the web for all to see.  Terry’s team has re-organized the information and enhancing it with more photos.

The web site is more than “modeling the Maine Two-Footers in On2” it is also a place to find general modeling information such as this post “What are the Maine Two-Footers” and this post “Right of Way, trackwork, ties, and ballast”.  It’s a resource for anyone modeling the Maine 2-Footers or narrow gauge.

The contributors are a who’s who of On2 modelers and Maine 2-Foot historians.  Be sure to go to the “home” page to see links by contributor, railroad, manufacturer, modelers.

Bill Kerr passed away in the summer of 2013 after battling health issues for a few years.  I will miss his presence on the Maine 2-Foot modeling forums.  Bill and I had shared information on the SR&RL several times.  I never got to visit his On2 SR&RL, but from the photos, I can tell it was a delight.  You can see Bill’s On2 SR&RL on the Maine On2 FAQ.

Thanks Bill and thanks Terry and Co. the new Maine On2 FAQ is a tribute to Bill.

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8 Responses to Maine On2 FAQ

  1. James Sullivan says:

    It’s good to see this valuable information being continued. Even though I don’t do On2, most of the information translates to other scales.

    Thanks to Terry and all the folks invloved with carrying on the work and thanks to Dave for posting the link.

    James Sullivan

  2. Darel Leedy says:

    I’m just glad to see that you’re back Dave!

    • narrowtracks says:

      Thanks, I got inspired…

      Just so you know, I’ve spent the summer framing the train room. However, I’ve not felt it was inspiring enough to post about. I’m now re-hanging the ceiling. I’ll post about it all once complete…You can find one of my summer inspirations on the Time your next trip to Ohio right and you can take her for a spin!

      • James Sullivan says:


        Now that’s just too sweet, in a good way. I knew your dad was into live steam so it stands to reason you’d be bitten by the bug at some point.

        I know how much fun it can be. I used to help a guy with the trackage on his own personal acreage here in Texas and got to learn a bit about it. I only ever got to run his “diesel” on my own as payment for track work.

        Keep us all aprised with all your railroad work.

        James Sullivan

  3. Dave,

    Thank you for the passing the information on about the Maine On2 FAQ. Our hope is that all n2 modelers will find information on the site useful. A big thanks to Terry Smith for getting the ball rolling.


  4. terry2foot says:

    Some new stuff that might be of interest to this group; we’ve added and updated the Books list as well as a “What’s new?” page to advise returning viewers of changes to previously published posts that might get lost in the blog style publication.

    Enjoy if you visit, and don’t be frightened to flag up errors or omissions,


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