Friends, and a goal!

This past October I attended the NMRA division show and meet up with two other in-active Eastern Loggers (see my blog post: or Great Model Railroads 1997).  While walking around the show, I challenged them…”Let’s show something next year!”

We decided to include two other in-active Eastern Loggers and work on home layouts and some sort of display.  Since that promise, we’ve meet every week with the exception of the Christmas holiday, and never had less than 3 of 5 at a meeting…  In that time, we spent most of October, November, and December working on Paul’s N-scale B&O layout.  We implemented Car-Cards, Yard Operations, and Enhanced TT&TO operations.  In January, after a 14 month layoff, Paul restarted operations with a crew of 15!  We repeated that in February and March….With the successful launch of Paul’s layout, we are ready to move onto the display layout.

But what should that project be?  Modern?  Modules?  Free-mo?  For kids, For adults, guest operators, show off operations?  We had a night of discussion with an unexpected outcome.  In our discussions, the question came up – Do we even like doing a display?  There is so much involved:  Register, Setup, Be there for hours, Talk to the public, Tear down, Get it home, etc…  The answer to this question can only be had by trying and the team decided that building a significant display might be too much!

So, they decided let’s display Dave’s Sn2 Free-mo modules as a trial run!  They can be displayed as they are, they operate, we have a home for them.  The fresh experience of displaying the Sn2 modules will help us to scope the future project!  Additionally, it will not consume all of our time, so we can continue to help Paul refine the Great B&O (more on that project in the future)

Here we go….Sn2 to the Division Show in October….A fresh goal!

FYI:  They have already started helping me with my basement ceiling so that we have a good place to work on the modules!

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