In Progress – Tom Sulivan’s On30 SR&RL – Lower Deck

Tom Sullivan is building an On30 version of the SR&RL. You may remember that I designed an upper deck (Kingfield to Bigelow) for him. Here are progress photos on the lower deck, along with a rough trackplan.  I appreciate Tom providing the photos for me to share.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Farmington transfer track

Here is Tom’s track plan. The red shading marks the proposed upper deck. Since this draft Tom has tweaked the trackwork to better represent the prototype. The most significant change being how the F&M leaves Strong.

North end of Farmington’s transfer yard. The locomotive is a BLI C16 that he had for his previous On30 layout.

Using some buildings from his previous layout, Tom created this stand-in for the Russel Box Shop. While it may be a stand-in, the structure captures the feel of a Franklin County mill.

Tom’s interim Barker Stream covered bridge. Tom allocated plenty of length for the approaches. This will be a nice scene.

Tom’s South Strong has a potato house. The model at rear was inspired by a WW&F potato house and was on his previous layout. The prototype SR&RL South Strong had a spur much like this with a building at the rear. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that industry as a potato house.

Tom’s Strong Depot with Linwood Moody out front.

A train is entering Strong from the Bigelow branch. Tom is playing around with old structures to get the feel of how Strong will come together.

Looking back over Strong. I love the way the scene wraps around in the distance. Seems to go on and on…

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3 Responses to In Progress – Tom Sulivan’s On30 SR&RL – Lower Deck

  1. William Uffelman says:

    Time to plan a summer road!

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